ATG (Ahead’a The Game) are a group of friends that form a collective of graffiti writers, visual artists, musicians and dj’s, rooted in London sub-culture.

Formed in the year 2000 as a graffiti crew around North-West London by mutual friends with a shared mentality. Their approach of saturating the city with colour, originality and style, quickly set them apart from others at the time as a forward thinking crew that didn’t do things by halves. By the middle of the 00′s they had marked their place as one of the most prolific graffiti crews to have come out of London and the UK, contributing a lot to the growth of the scene over the last decade. Over time the group dynamics began to change, with people drifting into various other ventures, while outside of graffiti they have always been connected through the London party scene and the many faces within it, leading ATG into a new era and a new direction.¬†Inspired by the impact and energy they created and wide recognition they received as a graffiti crew, ATG began to transform into a wider movement, using the name and logo to represent DJ’s, MC’s and other visual artists consisting of friends made throughout the years, bringing things up to where they are now.

Today ATG stands as a London institution, a respected brand and a multi-talented collective. The team consists of driven, like minded individuals focused on maintaining a mentality they’ve had from the start. One of quality control, originality and representing London worldwide.