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On a recent trip through a place called Shoreditch, East London i came across something detailed in the image below. What you are looking at is ‘Graffiti styled’ advert for Microsoft, carried out by a ‘creative’ agency called Jack. The corporate street art advert was painted slap bang over an ‘Elmo’ spot that had been there for 6 years and a recently painted piece by Italian graffiti artist ‘Mr Wany’, both of whom did not get paid for their work and are great contributors to graffiti culture. The problem here is not necessarily creative agency’s selling graffiti culture to corporate companies, which is nothing new and a bit of a grey area in many senses, the issue here is the agency’s who know nothing about the culture strolling along and getting paid to cover up real graffiti art with their imitation corporate adverts….which in my opinion is shocking.

Upon finding out who was behind this disgrace i contacted them and explained the serious mistake they had made. I also told them they could try and turn this situation around by funding the re-installation of real graffiti by the very people they had shat on. Sadly they did not want to co-operate, probably because they are too busy organizing their next money move to try and clear up a mess they’ve left behind them. So anyway here i am doing what i said i’d do in the hope that people like this learn from their mistakes.

Above is the website for the agency that carried out this mess. I am urging all artists and designers who care about graffiti culture or just honest, London, sub-culture in general to boycott working with them. Please feel free to share this story through your networks or email them via their contact page and let them know your thoughts. When your spot gets buffed – it’s a shame. When your spot gets covered by another writer – it’s beef. When your spot get’s covered by a fake graffiti styled Microsoft advert – it’s a fucking disgrace and a sad state of affairs. Help stop this happening more in the future. Thank you.

I’ll leave you with a couple of brilliant quotes from none other than Jack agency……..

“A creative urban communications agency with
15 years street-level experience conceiving
and activating ground-breaking happenings,
pop-up stunts and unconventional advertising
for some of the biggest, boldest and edgiest
brands around the world. ”

“We are fiercely independent and creativity and credibility is at the heart of everything we do.”

“There’s nothing much our teams don’t know about what and where is cool on the street. And who’s hanging out there. And how best to talk to them.”



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