-ATG/Swamp81 launch school records dec 2012-

School is the brand new imprint from industry veterans Katie Thiebaud, Peter Livingston and Jan Francis and its inaugural release comes from Dusky with ‘Calling Me’, out December 2012.


1. Calling Me (vinyl & digital)
2. Muriel (vinyl only)
3. What I do (digital only)

Based out of Hornsey in London, Dusky (aka Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman) have had an exceptional year with their ‘Flo Jam’ and ‘Henry 85’ singles, remixes for Hot Chip, Rudimental and Justin Martin and a Radio 1 Essential mix all seeing near-universal support from across the electronic music spectrum.

The duo’s inspirations of classic techno, quality R&B, Garage and Rave permeate all three tracks on ‘Calling Me’ and while the results come off a little tougher than previous material the distinct Dusky sense of funk and soul is ever-present. From the unrelenting title track to the muscular technoid garage of ‘What I Do’ via the proud rave-breakdown aesthetics of ‘Muriel’, this is some of the duo’s
best work yet.

Dusky’s ‘Calling Me’ is released on School early-December 2012 with a digital release to follow shortly after.


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