Banksy’s response to the camden new journal

Painted slap bang in Camden the week after the CNJ printed the article highlighting how ridiculous it is that Tox is in jail while Banksy basks in fame and fortune.

K-town video

will r s loves a good festival!……

oops we did it again……..

Shout out’s to everyone who made it down….Extra pat on the back for all the crew holding down the fort at Shangrila! x

Festival season is well and truly underway !

Glade Festival 2011- RackNruin

Boglewaltz- Klose One

slapsy saturdays

For all the north-west fivers!

Massive shout outs to Mike, Tony, Rob, Mr Hudson and the other anonymous contributers who helped make this possible!……Lol what a joke.

Camden new journal telling it how it is!

The only honest write up i have read on Tox’s case. Thank you CNJ for airing some truths, and Eine for stepping in to help Tox’s defence. Fuck all the papers and the graff squad who twisted Eine’s words to make it seem like he was dissing Tox. The same goes for all of the ignorant fuckers who help send graffiti writers to prison while at the same time protecting and celebrating street artists who are guilty of the same crime. Simple fools with crystal clear double standards who are motivated purely by the smell of ££££ and the hype the media has fed them.

Branded for life